Are You….

Ready to be sexually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically (body & touch) empowered?

Craving a community of women who see you, hear you, and accept you exactly as you are?

Feeling alone in your struggles while everyone else seems awesome?

Feeling super disconnected from women and finding it hard to trust and be vulnerable?

Comparing yourself to other women and feeling not enough or less than?

Someone who hates to burden your friends and family with your problems and you seem to take care of everything yourself?

I hear you and you are not alone sister!

Remember those times when you were with your girlfriends during a sleepover and you talked about anything and everything? You actually learned from each other. Nothing was ever taboo. You could talk about sex, relationships, your dreams and passions without censoring yourself. You never felt judged. You felt inspired and like you belonged. It’s time to gather in this way again and feel connected. You are invited to the Women’s Intimacy Soirée Sleepover & Retreat, a safe space for you to show up fully as yourself and be embraced by your sisters and NEVER FEEL LIKE A BURDEN. We gather because we want to and we gather excited to listen, to give, and to RECEIVE.

The Soirees have always been an evening experience and the women and I never want them to end! I always feel sad when a Soirée is complete and so I have created a weekend experience because it’s just that good.

Hi I am….

Sophia and the Soirée was born in the Fall of 2015 when over 25 women gathered in a small livingroom in Beaverton, OR to share food, wine, and themselves. Women opened up to each other in unprecedented ways and left feeling connected, seen, heard, and accepted. Every Soirée has provided women with an abundance of opportunities to be vulnerable, to be witnessed, to learn something new and fresh about themselves, and create strong bonds with each other. Each woman is encouraged to come to her edge and stretch beyond her fear. The Soirée is incredibly healing for women who crave authentic sisterhood. In collaboration with some divine women, I have taught on many topics over the years – money, sex, food, empowerment, master manifester, masculine and feminine energetics, and more. The Soirée has evolved into a complete evening for women to experience the integral aspects of intimacy – emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and sexual. 

Introducing the Women’s Intimacy Soirée Sleepover & Retreat

January 5 – 7, 2018 Northwest Portland, OR in the beautiful West Hills

Tranquil, private, and surrounded by trees

The soirees always comprise of these elements to foster connection:

♥️ Eating together.

♥️ Touching each other lovingly and non-sexually (seriously, when do ever get touched non-sexually?)

♥️ Small and large group witnessing with the purpose of radiating love to each sister present!

♥️ Sex Talk – an open space to talk about anything and everything related to sexuality (inclusive of trauma, shame, abuse, pleasure, orgasm, body disconnection, gender, orientation, etc). In community, we expose what shame we feel around our bodies, sexuality, and relationships.

The Retreat begins on Friday at 6pm with a communal potluck. We gather for an evening of food, movement, touch, and bonding (and then we relax in the hot tub!)

Saturday is a full day of fun, intimacy, and exercises that push our edges beyond our comfort zones. We will learn about our own boundaries and bodies. There will be time to process, rest, and bond.

Sunday we gather for breakfast, movement, and closing circle ending around 12pm.

There will be fun surprises throughout!

I absolutely cannot wait to be with you all!

This Amazing Retreat Includes

Friday night potluck + signature Soirée experience

Chef-Catered Meals & Snacks Saturday and Sunday, including beverages (Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan available)

Unlimited time to bond with women

A cozy hot tub

Gentle yoga (no experience necessary)

Dance and movement

SURPRISE & BONUS #1: Intimate Art Photography during the retreat by the incredible Arkady Brown (optional)

What Sisters Are Saying

“Thanks for having me, I genuinely enjoy every time I get to spend time with you and take part in a Soirée. It’s always enlightening and renewing. I was pleased that, with the support of other women in the group, I could attempt yoga stretches that might have seemed too intimidating to do on my own. The gentle focus on finding my “happy place” within each pose, and reminders that I could communicate needs with my stretch partners, and honor my own needs and limits, helped make it a safe and encouraging space to connect. I look forward to the next session!”

“Sophia did a really lovely job of teaching both the physical moves and prompted us to understand to ask for the support that we needed in the various positions and poses. I loved the idea of using the physical support of the yoga moves to remind me of the emotional support that is so available to me via the incredible women I know. And the practice that I got from simply telling someone about the adjustments needing to be made, again in such a physical way, which is a brilliant way to start to learn how to ask for what you need in an emotional way as well. I was left feeling open both physically and emotionally. Beautiful experience.”

“Coming out of an abusive marriage the last 1.5 years and being isolated and estranged from everyone I knew, and then connecting with other local women through presence and loving touch during Sophia’s soirée, was so revitalizing for me! So much confirmation. So much support. Loved the interactions and the soft feminine essence of sisterhood. Broke down in tears from experiencing yoga touch with those of different sexual orientation than me, because of prior programming. Such sweet release! Thank you Sophia for an amazing time!”

Still Have Questions?

Is there nudity or sex?

No and Yes. It’s all non-sexual touch. There is a hot tub and it is clothing optional so there may be nudity. Women don’t tend to experience touch from each other and it’s extremely healing. Women also don’t tend to see each other naked which is beautiful and healing to witness.

Why will there be photography and do I have to be photographed?

The Sleepover & Retreat is for women who desire to be sexually, physically (touch & body), emotionally, and spiritually empowered. My dear friend and brilliant, intimate art photographer Arkady Brown will be both a participant and a documenter of the retreat with her sensitive, loving, and creative photography. A huge part of the retreat is creating a space for women to feel safe to be SEEN, by each other, and through photos. Arkady’s commitment and mission are to capture women’s intimate transformation over the weekend from hiding behind fear to living intimately, empowered, and courageously with your sisters! She is a genius at capturing moments of joy, pleasure, vulnerability, and love.

The photography is for you, sister, and it is to inspire future communities of women. I will be using the photos with your permission for marketing future events and retreats.

BEING PHOTOGRAPHED IS ABSOLUTELY OPTIONAL. You may request to not be in photos and your choice will be respected.

I've never done yoga...will I be able to participate?
Absolutely! No yoga experience is necessary and the physical postures are easy. If something doesn’t work for you physically, it’s your opportunity to let the group know. It’s all about you asking for what you need.
What if I am really uncomfortable with an exercise?
Honestly, you will most likely feel uncomfortable and it’s a great kind of discomfort. It’s the kind that your body and heart need to feel alive and grow. First off, you are completely safe and supported in the container we will create. Second, you are not required to do anything, yet highly encouraged. It’s totally OK to take breaks and practice self-love: knowing what you need in the moment and giving it to yourself aka honoring yourself. If you feel fear or anxiety, tell Sophia and the group. Sophia encourages women to sit with their discomfort and receive love and support from other women.
What kind of food will be provided?
The meals will be lovingly prepared by a chef. The meals will be nourishing and accommodate diverse needs such as gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan. Tea, coffee, water, and snacks will also be provided to keep you nourished.
What are the sleeping accommodations?
This is a very unique experience in that the sleeping will be like a sleepover! We are gathering at a large private residence in NW Portland and there are several large rooms that accommodate large mattresses. So women will be sleeping close to each other and doubling up. You will bring your own bedding for your comfort (sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, etc) and anything you need for noise sensitivity (earplugs, e.g.)
What is the refund policy?
There are no refunds or credit. If you cannot attend, please let Sophia know in advance to approve a transfer to a cherished sister. Also considering giving this retreat as a gift.

Registration for this one of a kind experience ends New Year's Day!








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