I need to write a book. Every moment is rich with inspiration, thoughts, ideas, emotions. I have 13 journals going at the same time. Thank Goddess for smart phones so I can record my voice or memo something in. I’m often wondering what I want to share with you all that will shift you, even if for a moment, into positivity, love, hope, and optimism. I’ll share with you what is alive in me and what shit I’m releasing so I can live a fulfilled and pleasurable life. After all, what matters most to me is navigating toward joy in everything I do. Where is your compass leading you?

I joined a new women’s group that disguises itself as a business group but I’m suspicious about its M.O. What I’m receiving and in complete gratitude for is that the group is actually a spiritual vacuum where I will learn to manifest everything I have ever wanted in my life. It’s a group of gifted spiritual human beings reminding me of my immense power. My soul asked for them even though my frontal cortex said to find a business mastermind. Ha! One of the members advertised a woman selling hand made candles with a word for the year. I decided my word for 2017 is PROSPERITY.

Yea, I want shit tons of money, wealth, abundance, financial success, etc etc. What prosperity represents to me is that I’m connecting with hoards of people, mainly women. I’m saying YES to the universe to receive fat checks because that means what I got, women need and want. It means my gifts are welcomed in this lifetime. 

The road toward saying YES to receiving has been hard. It has been mega painful. I’ve cried so much in the past month. i don’t remember the last time I cried this much in a prolonged fashion. What I remember is that when I cried this much, it was due to deep despair and depression. It was when I felt hopeless. This month’s crying has been hopeful and full of gratitude. I am crying to cleanse and release the ghosts of my past and the ghosts of my family’s past. I uninviting the trauma and emotions that were never mine. I am telling them to move on because they don’t have a place in my home. It’s a sweet cry.

I’m no longer “containing” myself.

That looks like a whole lot of crying, feeling and expressing anger and rage, dancing, being goofy, speaking truthfully to people even if it may hurt their egos, and feeling super connected to people even if it’s on Facebook. I am allowing people to see me as I am and I feel them loving me as I am. My little girl is receiving the love she has always craved but stopped asking for a long time ago. I’m loud and passionate. I’m funny and love satire. I’m a brilliant coach.

What’s your word?

Who do you desire to BE now?

CALL TO ACTION: How about you decide in this moment who you are and make that your word for 2017. Write it on paper or paint it’s meaning. Write it big and flamboyantly. Then live it. Live it every moment.

Next year I help a helluva lot more women. That is my promise. I reach ridiculous numbers of women. My message is clearer. Who I am is clearer and we are all in it together.

It’s time. We are all Radical Pleasurists. We commit to living from joy, ease, love, pleasure. We befriend fear and anxiety and never let them stop us again.

See you at my Soirée or in my FB group or on the streets of Portland. Let me know your word!

with pleasure,