Hi love,

I’ve noticed in this world that people give a lot of attention to those who are suffering. There are many in pain and the outpouring of compassion and love is necessary and welcome. However, there is much to celebrate in the world – an abundance of joy, pleasure, sisterhood, sacred ceremony – that isn’t given as much airtime. It’s not interesting or sensational enough. I’m changing that and I hope you’ll join me in this mission. In the video I share this week, I talk about (and show) my exuberance and how I’m done diminishing my joy because it may come off as bragging, obnoxious, make others uncomfortable with their own sense of despair, etc. I’m seeing my joy and pleasure as catalysts to inspire more joy and pleasure in the world. My mission is to help women connect with their joy and pleasure AND live from that space. So much more is achieved from pleasure and joy than from self-hatred and pleasing others.

Are you diminishing your joy to pleaser others?

I’m done with the bullshit adage of no pain, no gain. Oh I am so done with that! A woman I met recently and have come to deeply admire (I’m convinced she was sent to me directly by God) speaks adamantly about pleasure being productive. I love that!!!The pushing, hustling, forcing, molding yourself into someone you clearly are not are keeping you a pleaser and repelling what you ultimately desire – LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, PURPOSE (your soulmate). Actively diminishing your joy is saying to the Universe – I’m small, don’t see me, bring me more ways to feel small, bring me more ways to feel depressed and anxious, bring me more opportunities to force life.

Consciously diminishing your joy is the active suppression of your divine feminine that world is aching for right now. 

The forcing energy is a masculine that is also no longer needed in this world. Look where it has gotten us. The divine masculine is purposeful and strong – not forceful and malleable. The divine feminine is intuitive, emotional, and creative. Please stop suppressing her.

When you fully express your joy, pleasure, and excitement, you inspire women to do the same. You become a muse and that’s mega sexy. You radiate it and it boomerangs back to you in many forms, especially your soulmate. 

Enjoy the video! Spread the joy by sharing this vlog with 5 of your closest single friends. They will definitely want to watch. I’m on this journey too sister. Let’s be on it together.


P.S. The Soirees are back. If you’re in Portland or visiting, be sure to attend. It will change your life and relationships…GUARANTEED!