Radical Pleasurist Tribe

Relief & Optimism

I’d spent over a year desperately trying to move forward from the traumatic end of a very long-term relationship. My life was overwhelming, complicated, and filled with darkness. Despite gentle urges from close family and friends, I refused to make any efforts to mend my troubling thoughts and circumstances. I met Sophia at a local event and I was taken by her quiet, calming, and comforting presence. We started our sessions a few weeks later with a focus on my severe depression. Sophia is a kind soul. She’s patient, honest, trustworthy, and genuinely committed to helping her clients. I left my sessions feeling relief and optimism, and sometimes, sadness – which is an essential part of the healing process. During our six months together, I made real progress! My road to recovery is still long, but the motivation to get there is immensely powerful – and I thank Sophia for that. Amy G., Portland, OR

More assertive & confident

Sophia and I instantly connected. With her kind and sincere nature, it was easy to feel comfortable with her right off the bat. She helped me through the struggles of a 20-something girl.  She helped me grow and learn from past hardships and she gave me the skills to be more assertive and confident. She provided me with a safe and warm space to talk openly about my life.  I think about the work on myself I accomplished with her help and I am forever grateful. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Lauren L., Chicago, IL

More mindful decisions

I’m not sure words alone can express my gratitude for being introduced to Sophia and subsequent work with her! I was experiencing career and relationship confusion and tentativeness. I sought out Sophia’s coaching services and she guided me in a thoughtful examination of each situation. She has an amazing talent for asking the perfectly provocative questions that have helped me unpack my thoughts, feelings, and truths. Our discussions have enabled me to analyze my options and make more mindful decisions about my life. Sophia has helped me help myself find my most authentic self and that is empowering. Jessica S., Chicago, IL

Going through a transition

Sophia is an outstanding coach. She listens, has great insight, and asks great questions to help me think outside the box. Through my conversations with Sophia, I have gained a greater perspective on my relationships, intimacy, and career direction. She has helped enhance my life experience in more ways than one. For that I am truly grateful. I would recommend Sophia to anyone who is going through a transition, who wants to improve their relationships, and who wants to become more intimate with themselves and partner. I am so happy I met her! Rachel S., Ashland, OR

Bravery & leaps of faith

THANK YOU, souls, for being who you are with all your moments of bravery and leaps of faith. I was inspired and humbled and fortified. I look forward to more opportunities to learn from one another. K. Z., Portland, OR (Soirée attendee)

Completely safe space

I am honored to have shared the room with such powerful, genuine, loving people. It’s rare that I feel completely safe in a space, and that’s what led me to feel comfortable telling a story. I’m usually absolutely terrified of public speaking. Fear of being judged is my biggest worry. I didn’t have that fear in the room, and I’m so glad I spoke. After talking to you all during the Soirée, I felt as though I had a story to tell…so I just wrote a piece on my website! I’m looking forward to another gathering of community. M. H., Portland, OR (Soirée attendee)