What a week of miracles aka major perceptual shifts about MEN and how I’ve been blocking (read: repelling) men and love. I took a hard look at myself and saw the lens through which I was looking and seeing men. No wonder I’m single. No wonder I’ve attracted toxicity into my life. Up until now, that is. 

What energy are you putting out into the world?

Because whatever you are putting out and however you SEE yourself boomerang right back at you!

A clear example:
Sunday I spent a good part of the day crying/releasing. My face was a blowfish – puffy and bloated. I made plans to see my ex (giving me my book back) at a café. There was a part of me that didn’t give a flying fuck about how I looked: hair was frizz city, face blotchy, smelly sweatshirt. In an instant, I decided I was going to put on makeup, updo my hair, and put on a summery skirt. It didn’t take long and when I looked in the mirror, I wanted to kiss myself. I felt pretty, uplifted, happy. That’s how I stepped into the café about an hour early before my ex’s arrival. I wasn’t dolling up for him or anyone else. It was all for me. 

I sat down and a man right next to me turned to me and said “you ARE lovely. You hold yourself like a lady” Made my day! He SAW me as I saw myself. Shortly after my ex walked in, we hugged, and the first words out of his mouth “you look vibrant and beautiful“. Heck yea! #moreplease 

I felt vibrant and beautiful. I gave to myself what I wanted and others saw that in me. It was the best acknowledgement and affirmation. It was a true reflection, NOT validation. 

Don’t underestimate the power you radiate into the world
when you are intentional about it

In fact, step into the world every day and radiate what you want to feel. Some days you’ll want to be a hermit (I have those days a bunch). On those days when a whisper says “put on your shoes, do your hair, leave the house, take a walk”, please listen. It’s your intuition. She knows better than your thinking brain what you need.Speaking of being seen, I interviewed and spent time with a brilliant and beautiful (inside and out) Men’s Coach, Sean Maher. He is my true counterpart in the world of empowering humans to be confident and in love with themselves. He teaches men how to be fully themselves so that they powerfully manifest their soulmates. Well, you know, I do the same. We had a blast intimately discussing how CONSCIOUS and SPIRITUAL men and women open themselves up for love and how they ACCEPT each other to be in the most fulfilling relationships. I sense that Sean and I will go viral as we create videos weekly. Tune in today and definitely subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for our videos.

Enjoy the video! Spread the love by forwarding this blog to 5 of your closest single friends. They will definitely want to watch. I’m on this journey too sister. Let’s be on it together.


P.S. The Soirees are back. If you’re in Portland or visiting, be sure to attend. It will change your life and relationships…GUARANTEED!