Hi beautiful,

The awareness that keeps arising for women is how to navigate with love, compassion, forgiveness, and grace around relationships that have a strong tether to their souls. It’s the relationship you keep coming back to emotionally, physically, or sexually. It’s where you feel comfortable and sort of safe. The connection is STRONG; so much so that you look for any sign that says “I can make this work” or “it must be meant to be”. Love, that’s not always what it means. 

There are certain bodily signs that let you know what being drawn to someone means and when it’s time to let go

Here is what I wrote to one of my beloved soul clients recently after she told me a story about connecting with her former partner: 

I hear you with my heart. I have much to say and all I want to do right now is hold you in my heart – your pain, your desires, your little girl, your trusting soul. First you did nothing wrong. Love the part of you that wanted to be loved, that wanted connection. That trusted. That part of you is beautiful. This is an opportunity for the two practices we have discussed for you: forgiveness and sitting in loving silence in your pain, fear, discomfort WITHOUT doing anything or reacting (especially criticizing yourself). Right now your inner critic may be strong…Instead of suppressing her, bring her out by exploring…She has something to say to you that is beyond the criticism and pain. Let’s see what she yearns to say. I hope that helps for now. My love, you have stepped powerfully on this journey and you’re walking along gracefully (even if you don’t believe that right now) step by step.

You’ve done nothing wrong by wanting to be loved and to feel deep connection.

The question is: are you actually receiving what you desire with the person you keep coming back to?
** What does it feel like in your body when you are around him? If it is not peace, ease, and safety (instead of anxiety and neediness), it is time to let go.
** What does it feel like in your body when you separate from him? If it is anything other than peace and ease, it is time to let go and sit with the discomfort of loneliness and sadness.
** Do you trust yourself? This is about trust in handling the discomfort of pain and grief.
** Do you trust him? The answer is in your body, not your thinking mind.

When you think about this man, what is the intention? Your body will tell you. Is it the quality of craving, needing, anxiousness OR is it joyful, easeful, calm, and grounding?

If you’re avoiding feeling the loneliness, grief, or fear of sitting with yourself…it’s time to let go and step on that path. It is the best you can do for yourself and your little girl. I’d love to help you because you are not meant to do it alone. <<<< click here to schedule your Pleaser to Pleasure Breakthrough Session.

with love and pleasure,