The Radical Pleasure Program™

Completely shift from Pleaser to Pleasure in this unique 6-month private coaching program with me by your side

Because pleasure is your birthright and you deserve to feel good…all the time

Do you….

feel super alone and like no one really knows or gets you?

find it hard to trust and open up to people, especially men?

find yourself crying in your car or other hiding places so that no one sees you as “weak”?

end up in toxic (or abusive) dead-end relationships over and over again?

live in your head and hardly share your feelings with people, especially men?

feel super depressed, anxious, and exhausted from helping everyone all the time?

have a hard time saying NO to people?

have a hard time asking for what you really want, desire, and need?

I get it

You’re a giver and a lover.  You love to help others and you’re really good at it.  You’re super compassionate, caring, and empathetic. You love to feel needed. But it comes at your expense. Sometimes you’re appreciated but mostly you feel unvalued and alone.

You feel frustrated, angry, and depressed because with all that you are giving, it never seems to be enough. You don’t feel enough. You’re the go-to for everyone but no one seems to be around when you need help. You don’t ask for help because you’re “strong” and can do it all on your own.

Or you feel like you’re too much. People keep telling you to tone it down so you learned to shut up. Now you feel shy, scared to talk, and introverted.

Your romantic relationships seem to be a broken record and you wonder, “why do I keep ending up with the same shit?” Every relationship takes another piece of you and you feel like you always lose yourself. You feel small, unheard, and unappreciated. You wonder if you’ll be alone forever. Yet you always have hope that it will be different…this time.

Sex is so-so or disconnected. Maybe it’s really good but you don’t feel intimate with your partners or like they see you. Or you avoid it altogether.

How’s that working for you?

Perhaps you are familiar with being a Pleaser – the loving, compassionate, always-available-at-the-drop-of-a-dime doormat. You give, give, give and you are totally depleted. At the end of the day, there is nothing left for you. You make everyone else more important than you.

Being a pleaser is actually never going to get you where you want to go, and will not give people (your partner/spouse/men you’re dating/friends/your family) what they want either. Nobody wins.

The flip side of being a pleaser is the Ice Queen. When you’ve been hurt over and over again, when you find it hard to trust anyone (especially yourself), and when you feel like people are constantly taking advantage of you, you shut down your heart and put up a thick steel wall. You become the ice queen. No one gets through and you never show anyone who you are. That’s way too risky. You’ll be damned if you let someone hurt you again.

There’s another way to live!

There is a much more joyful, pleasurable, and fulfilling way to live your life…as a RADICAL PLEASURIST.

Hi, I’m Sophia and I’m a former couples and sex therapist turned Women’s Pleasure & Intimacy Coach. I’m also a recovered Pleaser & Ice Queen.

I’m no stranger to depression, anxiety, and fear when it comes to relationships, especially with men. I’ve had lots of toxic relationships to learn from and I’ve hit rock bottom hard in my life. I know exactly what it takes to come out of the shit pile you are buried under to live a life that’s fulfilling, joyful, at ease, and MEGA pleasurable! You absolutely can live every moment on your terms sister!

I’m a published author and have written 100s of articles on sex, conscious relationships, intimacy, and empowerment. I’ve organized huge empowerment campaigns (V-Day and The Vagina Monologues) and I’ve got a Masters as a couples and sex therapist. Now I’m the Radical Pleasurist: women’s pleasure & intimacy coach. I absolutely love what I do and the women I play with are some of the most badass women I’ve ever met. As a result of playing with me, they are rocking their work, family, and intimate relationships while being powerfully feminine (yes, femininity is power) and at ease. They are attracting exactly the kind of men they want in their lives and having a ton of fun doing it. Plus they are confident, sexy, feminine, playful, and strong. Read more about my story here.

Transform Your Life with the Radical Pleasure Program


being emotionally, physically, and sexually empowered

shedding the depression, anxiety, hopelessness and replacing them with joy, peace, and pleasure

never having doubts about how amazing you are

accepting and loving yourself always (loving your own company) – your body, mind, and your connection to a higher power

being accepted by men, friends, and family for exactly who you are at all times

trusting your self COMPLETELY

never holding back your thoughts, opinions, or feelings from anyone

being fiercely discerning about who you allow into your life

not giving a fuck about what others think of you

speaking when you desire to speak without ever holding back with confidence and courage

giving to yourself first without guilt, shame, doubt, or fear stopping you

having super strong boundaries and saying NO (as a complete sentence)

saying YES only when you mean it (not from obligation or pleasing)

never working hard for what you want and having it come to you effortlessly

waking up happy and excited about life to the most loving, caring, strong, sensual man

being taken care of, shown love, and touched the way you crave by a strong man

letting men treat you well (without needing to give anything in return)

honoring yourself at all times and never losing yourself again in relationships with men

This is who you become as a Radical Pleasurist and much, much more!

Each month, you will take a Deep Dive…check it out below


The Inner Critic. Some call her the Bitch or Gremlin. Whatever you call her, it’s the voice inside you that is mega harsh and mean and makes you feel like shit. Know her to handle her.

The Inner Mentor or Wise Woman. You are wise, wild, intuitive, and your own guide. Life, people, and society have beat her out of you. You hear her sometimes but you don’t listen. Connect with her, listen to her, and feel confident about yourself again.


Dance with fear. We all have fears – rejection, abandonment, failure. Fear is the only thing that gets smaller when you approach it. Conquer it and never let it stop you from doing, saying, and being who you want to be.


Transform your daily routines. Ditch habits that aren’t working for you and replace them with empowering routines. Completely un-program the bullshit you’ve been taught and replace with long-lasting joy and pleasure.


Take leaps and stop giving a fuck. Make being a pleaser totally unfamiliar to you. Detach from praise and criticism and live your own life. Total confidence. Total empowerment…sexually, emotionally, and physically.


Put it all together. Integrate and step into your passions and calling. Take your power into the world…in your sexuality, sensuality, dating, intimate relationships, work life, business, and in all relationships.

Is the Radical Pleasure Program the answer to your prayers?

Are you thinking “can we start like yesterday?”

Cool, then apply first by clicking here. If we are both excited about playing together for the next 6 months, I’ll call you for a Pleasure Discovery session.

Hear from Radical Pleasurists!

When I reached out to Sophia, I had been sabotaging my ability to have healthy and loving relationships, even though I had done a lot of self-love and codependency work. I was especially afraid that abandonment issues were causing me to disconnect from others and healthy relationships. During the program, I went deeper into my psyche and exposed some pain that I didn’t realize was there. I found new tools for dealing with self-criticism and fear and I learned an appreciation and patience for my feelings. I know what to do when I have fear, how to feel my feelings, and let them pass through me. I used to ignore them and pretend that I was alright. That’s an awesome healthy shift! The end result from all of this has been a deeper sense of peace and self-confidence. Now I can make some truly deep, loving, and healthy connections. I can say NO without feeling bad. I do what is best for me even if it is unpopular. Letting myself feel has helped me transform.

I am thrilled to be on this journey to making a rich, thriving, full-time art life! I had so much fear around money. That has shifted to an excitement and joy to make money as a full-time artist.

I truly enjoyed my time with Sophia. I’ve already told my friends about our work together and they want to know themselves deeply too! Melissa Portland, OR

How does this work?


Every month you receive 2 coaching sessions and 1 Release Fear & Connect to Pleasure Yoga Session (3 sessions total/month $4500 value)


Comprehensive Pleasure & Intimacy assessment ($200 value) 


All program materials (playsheets, books, surprise goodies value $100)


Session recordings ($100 value) 


Surprise Bonuses customized to you throughout the progam based on what will aide you in growing (examples: massage/energy work with qualified professionals value $300+ value)


For local sisters, unlimited VIP entrance to Soirees and group classes ($200 value)


Access to all my self-study courses ($200 value)



This all sounds great but…

How do we meet?

Virtually on video. Super easy and a great way to connect. That’s how I record your sessions so you have easy reference. And it’s how I can partner with women all over the world. In rare cases, I see women in person if they are local to Portland, OR.

Are you a therapist?

Yes, I am trained as one and had a practice for many years. However, being a therapist was limiting how I worked with women so I shifted into being a coach, yoga teacher, and energy worker. My clients and I feel much more freedom in how we work together and the transformation is faster. I’m not interested in you seeing me for years. I want to guide you toward a more fulfilling and pleasurable existence and I have found a way to do that in less time with this AMAZING program. I work with all of you – your brain, body, mind, and spirit. No stone is left unturned. If you have a therapist, you may continue seeing him or her while you are in the program. Having a team by your side is the best!

I've never done yoga and don't really believe in it. Why do I need yoga?

Have you ever felt emotional after exercise, a long run, a massage, dancing, or sex? That’s because when you move your body, you move physical stuff (blood, oxygen, release toxins) and you move energy/emotions. The truth is that fear and trauma are trapped and stored in the body and they need to move and be released. Imagine a life time of emotional shit being trapped inside you. It has to go somewhere. Otherwise you keep thinking, feeling, and doing the same things. You can’t think your way out of everything or just stop bad habits by will. If you could, you would have stopped a long time ago. You must connect with your body and emotions to re-program your mind. 

I have a lot more questions.

That’s awesome! First complete the application. Your questions may be answered doing that. If you have more, we’ll schedule a discovery session to chat.

Why is there an application?

It’s mega important that we are a good fit because we are going to be very intimate for 6 months. We need to feel connected with each other off the bat. I put a lot of energy and focus into my clients and they put a lot of time, energy, and focus into themselves (for the first time ever in their lives). I work with only a handful of clients in this way per year so I’m selective of who I enroll. I want to make sure this is absolutely the right program for you. If not, I make other recommendations.

Ready to Play?

Apply here

I can’t wait to connect with you! xoxo

Radical Pleasurist

p.s. If you’re not quite ready for this 6 month experience, the Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion for Dating might be just what you need.

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