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From Pleaser to Pleasure

A 6 Month One-on-One Coaching Program

Are unfulfilling relationships sabotaging your self-worth? Do you often give in to people out of duty and obligation?

You’re always trying to mold yourself to what someone else wants and needs. You shrink yourself to feel loved and accepted. You often put other people’s – friends, family, partner, clients – needs before your own.

You don’t have to do that anymore.

You can break free of shame, guilt, and fear to start living and leading life from radical pleasure and joy. You have permission to want pleasure and to be 100% who you are with everyone in your life.

Imagine having Radical Pleasure: A far-reaching and thorough feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

When you move out of guilt, duty, and obligation into Radical Pleasure, you will:

♥ Deeply know your body and mind to break self-sabotaging patterns so you can choose and sustain fulfilling relationships.

This program is a game changer in the way you experience yourself and your relationships. Here’s what you get:

  •   Claim your most courageous self
  •   Unearth your most hidden parts
  •   Create healthy boundaries
  •   Experience compassion and acceptance of every part of you without compromise
  •   Make big decisions with confidence
  •   Break through fear to open yourself up for profound intimacy
  •   Embrace being vulnerable

The Radical Pleasure Program includes:

  • Two One-on-One Intimacy Coaching sessions per month
  • One private Connect Deeply to your Body Yoga Session per month
  • Intimacy Insurance: unlimited access to me via phone, text, email, and social media (except when I’m sleeping, of course)
  • One Spotlight on Intimacy pre-program assessment that will bring your intentions & goals into sharp focus
  • Member-only access to all of the visualizations and meditations included in the program that effectively shift your mindset from pain to pleasure.
  • Customized Intimacy Actions and assignments in-between sessions
  • All program materials you will need for transformation
  • Recorded sessions (written and/or audio)
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Personalized BONUSES to create more intimacy and pleasure in your life

What Radical Pleasurists™ are saying:

YES! I Want Radical Pleasure™!

If you’re saying YES YES YES! to pleasure, fulfilling relationships, and genuine intimacy, I invite you to schedule a free private one-on-one conversation with me. You’ll have an opportunity to experience what coaching is about.  If you’re curious about coaching, read more about it here. I create a safe container for you to express whatever you need to express and you will be heard and understood. 

Let’s begin this journey! Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute Pleasure Discovery Call and experience the benefits of knowing yourself immediately. I’m excited to connect with you!

to your pleasure and infinite joy,


IMG_7707 copyWhy go on this journey with me?

I’ve been where you are and I’ve struggled for most of my life to truly know who I am. I’ve compromised myself and sabotaged many relationships because I didn’t trust myself and it resulted in trauma and abuse. Everything I give to you, I’ve experienced with profound success and have joy in sharing with you. I am a conduit for people to put out their great bodies of work into the world. My clients have experienced profound success too and thanks to knowing & trusting themselves, they make huge ripples in the world as change-makers.

“Radical Pleasure” “Radical Pleasurist” and “Radical Pleasure Program” are service marks of Sophia Treyger