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Introducing the Pleaser to Pleasure Breakthrough Session

If you're stuck being a doormat, victim, or people-pleaser with everyone in your life and you are always at the mercy of what other people want and need, you need to break this pattern NOW! 

What being a Pleaser is costing you

PEOPLE-PLEASING is costing you your self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, your relationships, and your business/work life. Not to mention all the joy and pleasure you could be experiencing and you're missing out on because you are busy pleasing everyone else. You are blocking success in every area of your life by people-pleasing: money, love, clients, friendship.


 No matter how much you please others, it never works! 

You feel like you have no choice, no one understands you or really knows you. You're always afraid to speak up and you have no boundaries (you don't even know what boundaries you do have). You're very good at assuming and fulfilling people's needs without even knowing what they are and you automatically step in whether someone needs your help or not. You keep "helping" yet nothing is working - you don't feel validated, you get no praise, nothing you do is working, and you still feel alone. In the end you are burnt out, anxious, depressed, hopeless, and shut down completely. 


Choose a life of pleasure, joy, and fulfillment


The Pleaser to Pleasure Breakthrough Session gets you on track to feeling joy, peace, ease, and pleasure again. You'll leave the session:

  • knowing what boundaries you NEED to set to have peace, love, joy, and pleasure
  • setting new standards for how you want to live your life
  • mega confident to ask for the love and respect you deserve
  • with a clear action plan and next steps for living a pleasurable life

We will meet face-to-face virtually for one 60-minute session. You'll be able to schedule your session below.

The session is $249

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