The Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion for Relationships LIVE!

by Sophia Treyger, Radical Pleasurist

Finally a space where you get to feel whole. Where you are sexually, physically, & emotionally fulfilled and empowered in your intimate relationships and dating. This is where you step up and begin to ask for what you want confidently without flinching. This is where you experience receiving exactly what you ask for.

Ready to go for a ride and have FUN again in your relationships (and dating)?

Do you….

want to feel satisfied and fulfilled in your relationships with men?

want to be heard, seen, and appreciated by men?

want to STOP doing all the work all the time (controlling, planning, initiating contact, holding up conversations) and spoon-feeding men what you want them to do?

want to ask for what you really want in relationships without the fear of rejection?

want to receive pleasure like a queen and allow men to treat you well (without automatically thinking you owe them something)?

Yea, I wanted all of that too!

Hi, I’m Sophia, former couples and sex therapist turned Women’s Pleasure & Intimacy Coach. I’m a recovered Pleaser and Ice Queen

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Transform Your Relationships and Dating with My 4-Week Immersion

In the Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion for Relationships, you will dive in, take leaps, and discover who you are again as a joyful, fulfilled, loving, FEMININE woman. You’ll have a blast dating again! You’ll like men again!

Every Module includes a mind/body shifting lesson, a technique to practice, and Q&A to clarify the lesson.

This is about action and exploring yourself in a very different way than what you’re used to (i.e. not from your head)! As you take courageous action, you will experience

  • pleasure, joy, and ease in dating.
  • quality dates with men in your life.
  • receiving and break through your pleasure ceiling so that you feel oh so good.
  • men giving to you without you feeling like you owe them anything minus the guilt.
  • the juicy, sexy, powerful masculine energy you crave where you feel taken care of, appreciated, heard, seen, and accepted as 100% you.

You will know yourself, your body, and how you feel energetically and emotionally around men.

You will surprise yourself!

The way you feel around men and the way they feel around you will shift in miraculous and magical ways.

What’s included in the Immersion and what to expect

1. We meet LIVE, virtually, weekly for 4 weeks on Tuesday evenings. *The dates are February 6, 13, 20, 27 at 7PM PST

2. All modules will be recorded so you can watch/listen at your convenience and reference the lessons anytime you want. Forever.

3. You’ll receive emails weekly with reminders on how to join us and where to find everything you need during the Immersion.

4. Every week you’ll listen to the lesson, Q&A, and practice the techniques I teach. Then you can head to the private Facebook Group to celebrate your victories, let us know what shifts you are noticing in your life, and ask questions if you need support/clarification.

*The dates and times may change due to travel or other circumstances. I’ll let you know in advance if they do. Please check email and/or FB group for updates.

Module 1

Ditch the old program & focus on desire. In Module 1

  • Connect with your body and how to “lean back” into your feminine so that men come to you
  • How to stop trying to control and change men and allow them to take the lead and take care of you
  • Know and focus on your desires.

Module 2

What brings you pleasure that you don’t normally allow? In Module 2:

  • Shift the way you see men in your life because what you want to see is what you get
  • Notice what you are receiving and how you are blocking pleasure
  • Practice scripts that are feminine, empowering, clear, courageous, and honoring of you and men.

Module 3

Joyfully trust and give up control saying YES to possibility in the name of feeling, allowing, and experiencing pleasure. In Module 3:

  • The Radiating Love Technique to invite pleasure into your life
  • How to keep the focus on you unapologetically
  • How to be sexually confident with zero guilt by learning how to play with sexual energy

Module 4

Know your truth and when to say NO. In Module 4:

  • How to state your needs, feelings, and boundaries clearly and courageously at all times with men
  • Notice and handle your Inner Critic/Darkness with ease and love
  • The patterns and beliefs that have kept you a pleaser/ice queen and how to be a Radical Pleasurist!

Ready to Join?

*I’m excited to offer this unique Immersion to women for the first time at this introductory price. 

*Women experience profound shifts when they know what’s blocking them and what concrete steps to take to move forward. A perfect compliment to the Immersion. Women feel energized, excited, hopeful, and clear following the P2P Session. By phone or virtually. You may schedule your private session with me before the Immersion, during, or after you complete it. (valued at $249).

What women are saying!

Sophia and I instantly connected. With her kind and sincere nature, it was easy to feel comfortable with her right off the bat. She helped me through the struggles of a 20-something girl.  She helped me grow and learn from past hardships and she gave me the skills to be more assertive and confident. She provided me with a safe and warm space to talk openly about my life.  I think about the work on myself I accomplished with her help and I am forever grateful. She will always hold a special place in my heart.” Lauren, Chicago, IL
“Sophia and I had an amazing session. She gave me the tools to help me find my body in fresh ways by “checking in” to my feelings, my desires, my intuition, and going in the direction of what makes me feel empowered, creative, generous, inspired, and on top of the world! She made me know the importance (and awesomeness) of my intuition, and how to honor it in decision making. She also offered some great mantras to help calm myself in the moment.”  Liebe, Portland, OR

“I was a total pleaser with men, letting them wipe their feet on me as if I was a doormat. I used to pick abusive, controlling men that made me feel awful as if I had no worth or value. Since going through Sophia’s program, I now don’t please anyone. I look for, allow, and leave space for all kinds of pleasure in my life. I no longer feel ashamed of who I am. I now pick men that are kind, up-lifting and serve my needs. Men that accept all of me and the ones that try to pop in that are not meant to be in my life,  I have the words to let them go. If it wasn’t for her Radical Pleasure program I would still be stuck in the cycle of looking for love but ending up in abusive relationships. I am so grateful to be out of that bondage due to Sophia’s awesome teaching”  Michelle, Salem, OR

“I’m not sure words alone can express my gratitude for being introduced to Sophia and subsequent work with her! I was experiencing career and relationship confusion and tentativeness. I sought out Sophia’s coaching services and she guided me in a thoughtful examination of each situation. She has an amazing talent for asking the perfectly provocative questions that have helped me unpack my thoughts, feelings, and truths. Our discussions have enabled me to analyze my options and make more mindful decisions about my life. Sophia has helped me help myself find my most authentic self and that is empowering.”  Jessica, Portland, OR
We delved into a desire to express and attract more from a feminine energy. This came from clarifying what kind of (masculine) energy draws me in and feels sexy. Making room for the feminine to emerge was spot on and actually introduced a big shift in being for me that continues to feel right.  It brought my attention to my present instead of my past.  I no longer felt confused about my sexuality and could breathe deeper and with confidence as I realized nothing was wrong with me.  Now I’m playing with how that translates into real life and where to start using some of the exercises you recommended.

Monica, Portland, OR

This All Sounds Great But…

What if I can't make it on Tuesday nights?
No problem! The modules will be recorded every week and in one central location for you to access. Don’t let schedule deter you at all! You can listen to the module at your convenience, then interact with sisters in the private Facebook group so you’re always in the know.
Will it affect my current relationship?
Absolutely! The dynamic between you and your man will shift. For many women it’s super positive, fulfilling, and exciting. However, there are risks. As you change, people will begin to notice and some people will love it and celebrate with you and others will feel left behind and try to bring you down. For some women, there are growing pains and it’s magical when you live life courageously and in love with yourself. Think about whether this is a leap you are excited to make.
Will it help me with dating?
Absolutely! You will feel excited about dating again. You will start to meet quality men and be fierce about saying NO to unsavory men. You will be a ninja at cutting through the bullshit of online (and offline) dating. You will stop wasting time and you will open yourself up to sweet opportunities you may have missed before. You will have fun and start to feel like a queen unapologetically. And if you enrolled while I was giving away bonuses, you received the sweet bonus of a dating profile audit and edit so you can show your authentic, amazing self.
What if I'm not sure what to do or I don't understand something?
Ask me! I’m available via the FB group or private message. If you’re not getting something or you need a little extra support, reach out to me. I’d rather you reach out than waste your time trying to figure it out or not doing anything at all. This is an important practice for women: to reach out for help when you need it. You are never a burden and I am committed to you being fulfilled.
What if I find that I don't have time?
Sister, the only way you won’t have time is if you don’t make time for yourself. This short Immersion will completely change the course of your life and relationships in the best ways possible. This is about investing time and energy in yourself because you LOVE yourself and are worth receiving abundant pleasure in your life. Ask yourself if you are willing to set aside an hour/week to love yourself. The techniques and practices I teach, you can do at anytime with anyone.
What if I don't want to do an assignment?
You are your own woman so do whatever you want. Ask yourself why you don’t want to do an assignment or practice a technique. Is it fear? Is it discomfort? Is it because it’s foreign and new? I’ll tell you now that you will be afraid, it will feel uncomfortable, and it is totally new. That’s all normal! It’s also the best kind of fear, discomfort, and newness. When you speak and act courageously, you will feel super badass, accomplished, and proud of yourself. It’s time to do things differently sister because you deserve to be fulfilled, joyful, and to live a sweet, pleasurable life. I’ll guide you through your discomfort. And sisters have your back in our private FB group. We got you and you got this!
What if I don't like the Immersion? Can I get a refund?
First, ask yourself why you don’t like it. Two, talk to me about it. It could be fear or resistance (which is normal and totally ok). Three, give it a chance to integrate into your system. Allow yourself time to process and practice what you are learning. I know that if you show up fully and practice, you will feel amazing joy and pleasure. That being said, there are no refunds, credit, or transfers.
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