The 5-Day be intimate & receive pleasure Challenge (Jan 15-19)


The way to PLEASURE, JOY, & EASE in dating & romantic relationships



(did I mention it’s absolutely 100% FREE?!)

with 1 action a day, for 5 days

you can feel pleasure and joy again (starts Jan 15),   and it’s 100% FREE.

one prompt and one action

You will get a daily question and doable (yet powerful) action that will focus your mind toward pleasure.

Ditch the worry and fear

You will go from feeling tired and scared, to excited to take action and connect with amazing people. Ahem…men.


You will stop hiding and shrinking, and turn into a badass vixen who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.


You will transform from feeling negative and cynical about relationships to having fun again and feeling proud of yourself! Did I mention there are prizes? Including a scholarship to the Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion for Relationships happening in February!

And if you need one more reason:

You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of the sisterhood who all share the same desires

This is how it Works

Before the challenge starts you will receive a welcome email with all you need to know to make the challenge a huge success for you.

Every weekday morning between January 15 and january 19

you will receive an email with the details of the challenge of that day.

Every day, the challenge of the day will be posted in our private facebook group

where all the participants of the challenge can share their accomplishments, ideas, and results and get feedback and support from sisters committed to feeling pleasure just like you.

Hi! I am sophia

I’m no stranger to depression, anxiety, and fear when it comes to relationships, especially with men. I’ve had lots of toxic relationships to learn from and I’ve hit rock bottom in my life. I know exactly what it takes to come out of the shit pile women are buried under to live a life that’s fulfilling, joyful, at ease, and MEGA pleasurable! You absolutely can live every moment on your terms sister!

I’m a published author and have written 100s of articles on sex, conscious relationships, intimacy, and empowerment. I’ve organized huge empowerment campaigns (V-Day and The Vagina Monologues) and I’ve got a Masters as a couple and sex therapist. Now I’m the Radical Pleasurist: women’s pleasure & intimacy coach. I absolutely love what I do and the women I play with are some of the most badass women I’ve ever met. As a result of playing with me, they are rocking their work, family, and intimate relationships while being powerfully feminine and at ease. They are attracting exactly the kind of men they want in their lives and having a ton of fun doing it. Plus they are confident, sexy, feminine, playful, and strong.

All you have to do is take 1 action a day for 5 days (starting Jan 15) to stretch yourself a bit, and you will KNOW what it feels like to receive pleasure just by being yourself. So what do you say, are you in?

What EXACTLY will I be doing in the daily challenges?

During the 5-Day Challenge you will:



answering a daily question to focus your mind first

take fierce action

to complete your mission for the day and then feel pleasure and badass about it


with the sisterhood in the Be Intimate & Receive Pleasure Private Facebook Group


kick back, pat yourself on the back, and reflect once you’ve completed your mission for the day

Win prizes

when you participate daily and stretch yourself, you know I’m gonna’ reward your effort and courage! Completing your mission daily enters you to win sexy prizes INCLUDING a scholarship to my Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion for Relationships coming up in February!

This all sounds great but what if….

...I didn't complete the action for the day?
No worries! You can do the daily challenges at your own pace and time, as long as you complete your mission by Jan 19. That way you’re eligible for prizes and a badass scholarship to the Dating for Pleasure & Intimacy Immersion starting in February. I’ll be keeping track of participation in the FB group. Everything you need to know to be successful and win will be in your email once you sign up.
...I don’t like the challenge after I started?
Then just don’t do it! We are not twisting your arm here and it is completely FREE so you have nothing to lose! If you’re not completing it because it feels too challenging, reach out to me or the sisterhood. I’m committed to you succeding so you feel pleasure in your life and have amazing, fulfilling, and deliciously sexy relationships!
...I need help or have questions?
No problem! As long as you join our private Facebook group, you will get answers and help throughout the challenge.

What do you say?

Are you ready to ditch the fear, exhaustion, and bullshit that have kept you living small, protective, and being a pleaser/ice queen in relationships to experience pleasure, joy, and ease just by being yourelf, in 5 short days?

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