Radical Pleasurist & Intimacy Coaching

What happens during Intimacy Coaching and the Radical Pleasure Program™?

I work (I mean play) with single women and help them completely shift out of being pleasers. I take you through a process and journey that encompasses different modalities all based on getting you into your body and out of your head. Face it, being in your head isn’t working for you so it’s time to be in pleasure by being in your body – emotions, sensations, and everything. That’s the feminine way. You’re done living like a man. (I know you know what I mean sister). I’m an energy and body worker and my modes are meditation, Reiki, and yoga (just to name a few).  Not the kind of yoga you are probably used to or have seen. It’s a deep yoga for emotional and trauma release. Whatever is blocking you from pleasure and having a fulfilling life is based on old beliefs and emotions stuck in the body. I’m also a facilitator of stories and I use the power of language to help you change your story (based on decades of being a therapist).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you work? I work with women both in their homes (if local to Portland, Oregon) and virtually (via Zoom).

What do you do with people? I coach using a combination of techniques and tools such as solution-focused therapy, yoga, meditation, visualization, and other experiential exercises. I draw from a vast background in therapy, mindfulness based techniques, and energy work.

Is coaching hands-on or sexual? I do not touch women unless I am facilitating yoga or you want lots of hugs. During yoga, I provide gentle adjustments only if my client gives me permission. I never touch genitals or other erogenous zones.

Do you do couples therapy?  At this time I DO NOT do couples or men’s coaching and can refer you to my partners who are brilliant. I start coaching with the woman first. As part of my program, if a client is in a relationship, she has the option of inviting her partner into coaching. It depends on the client’s objectives for coaching. I value all relationships so any important person (parent, child, friend, colleague, customer) in my client’s life is welcome to participate in coaching. Working with systems is powerful for change and my expertise as a former Couple and Family Therapy (systemic therapy).

What will I learn? Before we begin the journey together, you will complete a comprehensive assessment to let me know your goals/intentions for coaching. I take all my clients through a complete program and I customize the program to meet each client’s unique goals. For example, the topics typically covered in coaching are (and are not limited to): knowing your Inner Critic and Inner Mentor, moving through fear, the different intimacies and your intimacy threshold, how to connect with your body (experiential exercises). For more detailed information on the process, check out my Radical Pleasure Program.

What are the potential results I will receive from your coaching?

My clients experience many results and benefits from my Radical Pleasure Programs. Some benefits are:

  • you begin to engage genuinely in relationships being yourself at all times
  • you accept yourself fully and attract people into your life that accept you fully
  • you let go of and leave relationships that are abusive and/or toxic
  • you surround yourself with people who reflect your greatness
  • you feel connected, loved, appreciated, and valued in all of your relationships
  • you effectively communicate from a place of desire and love, not from sacrifice or duty (aka being a pleaser)
  • you develop keen discernment of who to trust
  • you develop healthy boundaries and know when and how to exercise them with all people in your life

For more on benefits, check out what my clients are saying.

How can I find out if it’s for me?

A great way to get to know about being a Radical Pleasurist & Intimacy Coaching is to download your free guide to what may be blocking you from receiving pleasure. It will definitely make you reflect on your life in deep ways. Sign up here to receive this free and powerful guide.

If you have sat with the guide and have done some good journaling, then you are invited to schedule a complimentary one on one conversation with me. Experience my coaching and we can get to know each other better. Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute Pleaser to Pleasurist Consultation to gain clarity on what’s blocking you and what steps you need to take toward pleasure. The benefits are experienced immediately even from one session.

What you’ll get out of this session:

  • Empowerment, clarity, and focus
  • An awareness of patterns and behaviors that are blocking you from experiencing pleasure
  • Specific actions to take to start your journey toward pleasure

“Radical Pleasure” “Radical Pleasurist” and “Radical Pleasure Program” are service marks of Sophia Treyger