This week has been a full blown awake-fest in two dear friends reflecting to me how shitty I’ve been. Yes, I am shitty sometimes without knowing it. The miracle is that they felt safe enough to tell me about it. They loved me enough to tell me. THAT’S TRULY A MIRACLE. I haven’t always made my friends feel safe calling me out on my projections. Up until now, they were downright afraid of me and who would blame them. In the past, I would not respond with love and my friendships started to suffer. They were pleasers with me and I was definitely a pleaser by omission. I didn’t ever show who I really was.

Making my friends feel unsafe is profoundly hurtful to me and to them
Here are two tips to practice that will transform your relationships. That’s a promise. Easy? Heck no. Necessary? Absolutely!
  1. When friends tell you something about your behavior, LISTEN. Don’t speak. LISTEN. It was profoundly hard for them to tell you so honor them by listening.
  2. THANK THEM. Because it was profoundly hard for them to tell you that you’re being shitty, thank them!

Are friends always right and coming from an intention of love? No. That’s your work to decide. After hearing feedback, you go and sit on your meditation cushion and you listen to your inner voice of intuition. That will tell you based on how you FEEL whether their intentions are pure and whether you need to clean up your act. Do you really want to be projecting resentment out into the universe? That’s definitely not going to call in your soulmate or money or anything you desire.

When you have friends who love you enough to tell you the truth, be thankful every day for them and let them model for you how to come out of pleasing so you can speak your truth to them when they need it. That’s the only way to genuine friendship.

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With pleasure loves