That’s me and Sean above. He is my counterpart and coaches men. He is a profound example of the kind of man all women want in their lives and the kind of man you can attract. How, you ask? Keep reading love. Check out our video and energy together and receive inspiration weekly from us on YouTube. It’s awesome!

Welcome love! It’s my absolute pleasure to empower single women like you to shift from PLEASER TO PLEASURE, fix your “picker”, find your voice, create solid boundaries, and attract & choose mind-blowing, life-altering romantic relationships. I’m talking about the kind of relationship you actually want to have. Not the kind that feels hard, like work, like you’re putting in so much effort and not receiving anything in return.

Are you done being a pleaser putting everyone else’s needs before your own? Or does fear have its hold on you and you continue to please because you’re afraid of rejection, disapproval, and abandonment? Do you believe you deserve and are worthy of good people loving you just for being you?

The other side of pleasing is PLEASURE – where you get to choose who is in your life, where you are 100% yourself at ALL times with everyone. Yes, you can have that life.

Whatever you deeply desire to feel, you will receive…with support and accountability! That’s where I come in.

If you’re serious (or seriously playful) about living a life of pleasure and joy and having amazing relationships, start with my free guide and a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute consultation with me. If your soul is calling for you to experience whole transformation, make the call!

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